Mourad Abdallah

Guide Lines Mourad Abdallah Founder, Managing Director and Chief Instructor of “Dansation Egypt” Dance Arts Studio.

>> 1979 : He started his training with Tap Dance and street dance.

>> 1993 : He joined The Egyptian Modern Dance Company which enhanced his technique through the condensed classical daily training. He participated as a soloist and a Leading dancer in several dance shows and stage performances in many national and international events and festivals. (Name the shows and company)

>> 1995 : His skills developed as a choreographer and started conducting his own shows and performances with a troupe of dancers finely selected from different dance backgrounds.

>> 1997 : His focus shifted completely towards the social partner dances: Salsa, Rueda di Casino, Smooth Latin and Standard. He persistently followed his new passion, intensively pursued his training with several instructors from The United States, Russia and Australia, till he mastered these dances and has been teaching them for the last 15 years till date.

>> 2005 : He found his passion for dancing fulfilled with Tango Argentino. He learned with several Maestros like: Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Sebastian Arce, Los Ocampos, Celine Ruiz y Damian Rosenthal and Adrian Veredice y Alejandra Hobert. Through the last seven years he contributed in the growth of the Tango community in Egypt with his exceptional teaching skills and his easy approach to his students, which led to the spreading of the fire of that passionate unique dance in the dancing society in Egypt.

>> 2009 : Profiting from his previous hard training and accumulated solid knowledge throughout 20 years of experience, Mourad Abdallah brought together a distinguished team of dance instructors, steadily trained them in his unique teaching methods and established one of the most recognized dance studios in Egypt: ”Dansation Egypt”.

Our board of instructors includes a rich variety of highly trained dancers specialized in all the various sorts of dance, from amateur social dancing to professional stage performance, ballroom, Latin, tap, jazz, hip hop, street dances, Ballet and Tango Argentine. Through providing a team of the most qualified trainers, we earned the trust of our clients and their appreciation, achieving a respectable day after day growing reputation.

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