"Dansation Rules"

1- Registration for any course is confirmed only with full payment in advance, in order not to delay the beginning of the course and disturb the other attendees.
2 - Professional dance shoes are highly recommended in your dance classes: they are specifically designed to improve your dancing technique.
3- The dance shoes are specially made for Dansation members by order. Please inquire at the desk and we will gladly help you with all the details.
4- If you don’t have dance shoes for your classes, bringing an extra pair of CLEAN and COMFORTABLE shoes is a MUST: we would like to maintain the CLEANLINESS of the dance floor for all attendees.
5- Smoking is not allowed inside or outside the studio. We are trying to live in a clean environment.
6- Eating or drinking is not allowed inside the studio. Only water is permitted.
7- Please help us to keep the studio neat and clean for your own comfort and satisfaction.
8- Please do not lean on the mirrors for your own safety for they can get easily broken and might be extremely harmful.
9- Pay HIGH ATTENTION to your PERSONAL HYGIENE, for the comfort of your fellow classmates.
10 - The use of DEODORANT, MOUTH WASH and BREATH FRESHENER is essential.

Refund Policy:
• Concerning the group classes, full refund is guaranteed only if required 48 hrs before the beginning of the course.
• If a refund is requested later than the 48 hours, an amount of 25% of the course fees will be deducted.
• Once the course starts, no refund can be requested.
• Concerning the private package, refund is guaranteed only within the first two months & the package is valid for four months.
• Canceling any private class has to be at least 24 hrs ahead. In case of a later notice, an amount of 25% of the private class fees will be deducted.
• For any refund, a written request should be submitted to Dansation management and the refund will be granted 48 hrs after receiving the request.